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She's Countryfied!!!!


It's called "She's Countryfied" and you better believe she is! The long-awaited follow-up to Keeghan's "Broken Flowers" has finally arrived! And boy will you love this one! The CD represents Keeghan's first trip into the studio with the Big Whirl Records production team of David Marshall and David Dicks of Red Feather Recording. It's slick and polished where it needs to be such as on upbeat country-pop tunes like the smash single, "Summertime" and "What Forever Holds" and is raw in all the right places too! Listen to tracks like "Naked Karaoke" which was recorded live in the studio the way tracks used to be in the old days, or "House Arrest" and you'll swear you were there in the middle of the studio when they were recorded!

But Keeghan's fans love it when she rocks and she doesn't disappoint on this disc! Numbers such as "Party Like A Rock Star" and "Ain't Too Bad To Be A Good Girl" capture her at her edgy, country-rock best and are sure to grab your ear. Another gem is the crowd-pleasing favorite "The Bird" in which Keeghan doles out attitude aplenty and common sense advice for when life smacks you around a little.

More traditional sounds are represented on numbers such as "Nothing Like Me" and "Dreams Of Yesterday" which features a duet with label-mate Justin Duncan of Last Call.

And the somber piano and strings driven track "Soldier's Dream" is an intimate tune that will make you want to salute the next soldier you see!

In all the CD has 11 tracks and each one is unique in sound, approach, and instrumentation.

The CD can be purchased at any of Keeghan's shows and is also available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Just click the appropriate link and it will take you to their pages!

Thank you for supporting Keeghan! We hope you'll love this CD as much as we loved making it!